Some CERN notes This is my web page at CERN.

I was a Summer Student in the summer of 2000.

Some contributed classes

I've contributed various stuff to ROOT, including:

  The NBI HEHI homepage

My home institute is Niels Bohr Institute, where I'm part of the HEHI group.

  The ALICE homepage

I handed in my Ph.D. thesis entitled

The ALICE Forward Multiplicity Detector
From design to installation

in December 2007. It was awarded the ALICE Thesis Award 2008.

Currently, I'm a Post.Doc. at NBI working on the FMD in Alice. Topics include front-end electronics, on-line and off-line software, as well as analysis of the FMD data.

Various C++ packages

Various C++ packages, including:

Thread-- Portable thread classes
Readline-- Use GNU Readline via C++ classes
Yacc/Lex-- Scanner and Parser classes implemented via Yacc and Lex
Option-- Comand line parsing classes.
FILE-- C FILE as a std::streambuf.
Libtool-- Dynamic library loading.
cache A templated container to cache memory.
GSL-- Wrappers of GNU Scientific Library
  The BRAHMS homepage

On February 4, 2003 I handed in my masters thesis, entitled

Fluctuations in Au+Au collisions at sqrt(sNN)=200GeV

A Gzipped Postscript and Gzipped PDF is available.

Various Android

Various Android stuff:

PDG Particle Listings List of particles, their properties and decay modes
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